Snapshots from everyday life and all the little things that happen here and there.

 Death Valley Motorcycle Road Trip with Lance Rushing
 Rancho Bernardo Apt
 UCSB Riding with Paka
 Back to School after x-mas break!
 Cousin Takachan comes to visit
 Lance's 23rd Birthday
 Northern CA Property Check
 David Bratty's 1st wedding
 My Driver's License
 WBC 1999 Backpack
 WBC 1999 Carcamp
 WBC 1999 Snowcamp
 WBC 2000 Reunion
 WBC 2000 BP assist Skip Forsht
 WBC 2000 Carcamp assist Brad B
 Assisting Jackson Wan on his COL1 eval
 SLR Testing Hike w/ Jackson
 My first outing as COL1: WBC Carcamp makeup!
 WBC 2000 Map & Compass- assist Greg Moll
 Mexico-Ensenada Condo
 J&J'ers Las Vegas Trip
 Lance's COL1 Eval: Lake Hodges
 Rosarito-Ensenada Bike Ride
 Big Bear skiing with Ed Aquino
 Mom's Citizenship Ceremony
 Coronado Island Diving with Chris Ward and Laurence Cagnon
 San Clemente Diving with Tim, Jay, Laurence, and Chris
 Sequoia Summer BP
 San Clemente Dive trip aboard the Horizon
 Mexico Condo 2 weekend
 Catalina Island Citystyle
 Business trip, to NJ/NY!
 San Jacinto BP w/ J&J folks
 Sequoia Winter BP
 New York Biz trip
 Ensenada-Rosarito Bike Ride
 Mammoth Ski trip with J&J and Perigrine folks
 San Clemente Dive trip on the Horizon
 Sierra BP: Devil's Postpile
 Skydiving w/ Pam
 Eurotripping for UCI MBA and some work
 Hanging out at the Bratty's
 Guadalupe Canyon Carcamp
 Catalina Camping
 AOW Photo dive
 Ocatillo for some targeting
 UCI MBA Residential Arrowhead
 Sierra BP: Cottonwood Lakes
 Scuba Trip: Catalina & San Clemente
 BP off Mtn Spr Rd w/ Kristen and Chris
 San Jacinto BP
 San Gorgonio Results @Scripps-Green
 San Diego Fires, 2003
 Euro Biz trip to Beerse, London
 Scary stuff at work
 San Diego Wild Animal Park
 WBC 2005: Snow Camp
 Mt Whitney Backpack
 WBC 2005: Make-Up Outing
 Vision Expo- Las Vegas, NV
 Mt Whitney Dayhike
 WBC 2005: Carcamp
 Kathy Shredding
 San Diego Fire, 2005 @Peneaquitos
 Sierra BP: Yosemite Tuolomne
 Scott Fraser's Wedding- Vista/Oceanside, CA
 WBC 2005: Desert Backpack
 Sierra Prep: San Jacinto BP
 Greg and Michelle Steele's Wedding
 WBC Scout: Palomar Mtn
 WBC 2006: Snow Camp
 WBC Scout: Bridge to Nowhere
 Kim and Ryan Peterson Wedding
 San Clemente Dive Trip on the Horizon
 Rita's Cyumacha Carcamp
 WBC 2006: Reunion at Poway Lake
 Jimmy Buffet, Irvine
 Catalina: $100 Hamburger
 Kathy's trip to the Bay Area
 Flight out to Palm Springs for lunch
 Sierra Prep: San Jacinto
 Sierra BP: Deadman's Canyon Loop
 WBC 2006 Scouting Trip: Domelands
 Prototyping Chocolates
 Sierra Prep: San Gorgonio
 J&J X-mas party
 Las Vegas Concert: The Police
 WBC 2007: Carcamp
 WBC 2008: Scout Joshua Tree
 Going flying around San Diego with Mike and Rick
 Kathy's wedding dress tryouts
 Lance's Bachelor's Party
 WBC 2007: Snow Camp
 WBC 2007: Dayhike
 Kathy's Bachelorette Party
 Orlando: Disneyworld
 WBC 2007: Scout of windcaves for landnav
 San Diego Chargers vs Detroit Lions
 WBC 2007: Landnav
 SLO flight w/ Tom
 WBC 2007: Makeup-San Mateo
 Kathy's friend Kim's b-day
 San Diego Fires, 2007
 Mt Whitney Mountaineer's Route Dayhike
 Xmas 2008
 Tom Petty / Steve Winwood @Irvine Spectrum
 New Saturday morning tradition: walkies
 Padre Game w/ Brad Sorensen and GF
 Del Mar Fair with Greg
 Hollowween Block Party
 Phenopharm sailing
 J&J Homer
 KSAN Airport Tour
 Lance's workplace
 Cleaning out the WBC locker on a saturday morning
 Drinking w/ Greg
 Marc marries a white girl
 WBC 2008: Reunion
 Fender Bender on the way to Marshall's Hardware
 Scuba diving w/ Chris + BF 'cause Tim had to bail
 Checking out various local optical shops for k-miss
 Checking out the new KathyVision and the similar store front in Vista Village
 Checking out Poway and Carmel Valley opto's
 Journey @Cricket/Chula Vista
 Thanksgiving 2008: Smith and Witmeyer
 WBC 2008 Snowcamp: Mammoth
 Underwater Strobe/Camera testing
 Visting my mom's house
 Jimmy Buffett in Las Vegas!!!
 WBC 2008 Dayhike #1: Cowles Mtn
 House shopping before the Charger game!
 The Cure
 Presidential Election Day: Obama vs McCain
 Trip to Chicago to go to Adam's wedding
 Canada trip: Witmeyer wedding
 WBC 2008 Carcamp: Joshua Tree Black Rock
 Lunch with Allen Bratty at CPK
 WBC 2008: Staff Carcamp
 Del Mar Horse Races w/ Steeles
 Sierra BP: Sequoia/Cedar Grove Loop(ish)
 Lunch with the Wan's
 DMV Visit
 The Jimmy Buffett show in SD with the WBC-ers!
 AOA-Academy and Disneyland
 Kathy playing tetris
 The Police
 Channel Islands Dive Trip
 Football Sunday with Greg at Oggi's
 Sneak into Bressi Ranch, Grand Vision Pics
 J&J Biz Trip: PA for Re-org and Team Building
 Going to the River!
 J&J biz trip to Lifescan / Alza
 WBC 2008 Makeup LandNav: Domelands
 George Michael @ Las Vegas
 Visiting Amy at the Hospital for new kid
 Checking out the Optik store in Fasion Valley
 Picture i took for my stinky sink
 Pics from work/J&J
 Red Bull Air Race
 WBC 2008 Backpack: San Mateo 2x Traverse
 WBC 2009 Snow Camp Mammoth
 OptoWest and Kristen's wedding
 Sam getting clean
 WBC 2009 Reunion
 Diving the Yukon with Tim
 Del Mar Races with Witmeyers
 Del Mar Fair with Witmeyers
 Mission Bay thank you COL BBQ
 WBC 2009 stage
 Halloween in PQ
 Lunch with Rita
 Christmas 2009
 WBC 2009 Landnav: Joshua Tree
 Pregnancy class in UTC
 Padre Game with the Witmeyers
 Xmas at the shop
 Mizuta PT Grand Opening
 Sam Projecting Poo on kathy
 Gary Wu's wedding
 Lunch with Allen
 Missing Tooth
 WBC 2009 BP San Mateo 2x
 Sam Pics
 WBC 2009 Carcamp: Joshua Tree
 Quiet moment at home
 Carlsbad Opto Marketing Pics
 Oggi's Pizza and Beer with Greg
 Evaluating Leticia Cazares for her COL1 in Del Mar
 Vision West Conference in Vegas
 Iron Mountain Dayhike
 Carlbad Optometry Construction
 Having fun with Samantha
 Dressing up Sam for xmas
 Carlsbad Optometry Construction
 Witmeyers with Grandma
 Yo and Bong Visit us
 Sam Monster
 WBC2010 Mammoth Snowcamp
 Sam's first trip to Disneyland
 Abby Stanton Bday
 Christmas with Smith/Witmeyer
 Fathers day at the Coryells
 Chargers vs Redskins with Greg
 Checking out the PCT with Rita
 Christmas at Carlsbad Optometry
 Sam eating
 WBC2010 San Mateo Backpack
 Samantha in May
 Mr Roswell retirement party
 Father's day 2010
 New Years 2010-2011
 WBC2010: Joshua Tree Land Navigation
 Del Mar Fair, 2010 style
 At Grandma's
 Disneyland 2010
 Sam in a Box
 Halloween on Creekwood
 Samantha's first birthday!
 Passport Photos
 Kathy's 20yr highschool reunion
 Family trip to Seaport Village
 Drive to work/JNJ
 Sam Getting into things
 SF Academy
 Sam incarcerated
 More Sam in a box
 Wild Animal Park
 Samantha in January
 WBC2011 Snowcamp in Mammoth
 Del Mar Fair 2011
 WBC2011 Graduation @Foster Lodge
 Sam in April
 Sam got a boo-boo
 Bagels and Brew day
 Elmo on Ice
 June Samantha
 Easter 2011
 Optowest in Palm Springs / Witmeyers
 WBC2011 Landnav in Joshua Tree NP
 Sam in Feb
 Disneyland 2011
 West Chase Easter Egg hunt
 Trunk show at Carlsbad Optometry
 Rapture Bombing
 Contact Lens Meeting / Navy 100 bday
 Cousin Taylor born!
 Aug Sam
 Rick Bernier gets married
 Scripps/Birch Aquarium + LJ Shores
 San Diego Zoo
 Disney on Ice
 May for Sam