Hi! Welcome to my little nook on the web. You know what they say about the cobler's kids being shoeless, same situation here. If you don't know me I (mainly) do IT work, or least I'm paid to do so by one of those big fortune 100 entities. I made this site primarily to share pictures with my friends so it'll never be super fancy or anything like that. No plugins needed, fully HTML 3 compliant, and written in vi.

Check back every several months, I'll be adding new stuff that'll keep you on the edge of your chair. E-mail me with suggestions and positive feedback (criticism to /dev/null please). And no crap about how facebook, flickr, instagram, etc are 'better'. Do you remember Geocities? Myspace? How about Yahoo pictures? Exactly.

-lance smith

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"It is small minds and small thinkers who don't consider anything outside of their neighborhood important. We are citizens of the world." -JB