Some pictures from my favorite episodes on the Terra Show. Click on the pictures to pop-up the original file (can be quite large).

The Dom in Cologne, Germany. I took off for the weekend during a biz trip to Beerse, Belgium.

Koln, Germany
Oktober 2004
Rebuilt Hiroshima Castle. The original was destroyed on 9 Aug 1946.

Hiroshima, Japan
April 2005
We drove how many hours for this sign?

Taumatawhakatangihangakoauauotamateapokaiwhenuakitanatahu, New Zealand
August 2004
Scuba diving with Kathy on our honeymoon.

Rarotonga, Cook Islands
Sept 2007
$100 Hamburger Flight.

Catalina Island, CA
June 2006
2:30am on our failed attemp at a whitney dayhike, too much snow/ice.

Whitney Portal, CA
Oct 2005
My reaction to this potential wedding location.

Un-disclosed location 2 hrs north of San Diego, in the mountains.
Nov 2006
Rum Point w/ Kathy!

Grand Cayman
July 2004
Remember that scene from "Memiors of a Geisha"? It really does exist.

Inari, Japan
April 2005
I really do slog through jumgle forests for fun!

Corcovado, Costa Rica
July 2003
WBC 2006 Snowcamp

Mammoth Lakes, CA
March 2006
Snow cups reflecting in the morning sun.

Trail Camp, Whitney Main Trail, CA
July 2005
Who's your daddy!

Mt Whitney Summit, CA
July 2005
Look ma, no crampons!

Sequoia Natl Park, CA
July 2006
Scuba diving with my baby!

Lighthouse Reef, Belize
Sept 2008
That's me decending into the depth...

New Zealand
July 2004
The results of my San Gorgonio outing.

Scripps-Green, San Diego
Dec 2003
CRQ, my homebase. Note the overcast layer over the runway, the bane of VPR pilots!

Carlsbad, CA
May 2005
Near death experience at 14,000ft

Mt Whitney Moutaineers Route, CA
July 2007
Fantastic disaster of a trip!

Torres del Paine, Patagonia, Chile
January 2007